Virtual Services


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What is tele-medicine/tele-health?

Tele-medicine or tele-health services is the ability for patients and practitioners to conduct a visit online rather than in-person. This allows patients access to herbs and supplements they need and teaches them self-care practices so they can treat themselves at home. Tele-medicine is a good option for people who have mobility issues or are part of a population that has a high risk of contracting infections.

What types of services can be offered virtually?

HPS offers the following 30-minute services via tele-medicine:

  • Herbal/nutritional consultations
  • Laboratory testing and follow-ups (specimens are collected at home and then sent to the lab)
  • Tai chi and qigong training
  • Emotional Freedom Technique coaching
  • Guided acupressure sessions for pain and stress relief

What is the price structure for virtual services?

Virtual services are billed individually at a rate of $60 per 30-minute session. If a patient has purchased an unlimited plan, the co-pay is $20 for the 30 minutes.

What platform(s) do you use for virtual services? What are the requirements for my computer?

Currently, HPS utilizes doxy, facetime, and telephone for virtual services. Microphone, camera, and adequate internet speed are required for visits which require video interaction.

Can I order my herbs and supplements online?


Standard Process and MediHerb supplements can be ordered online at When filling out the application, use the code Q4SPCN and Jessica will approve your account. Once your account is approved, you will be able to order all products from the Standard Process/MediHerb lines at the same prices that are charged in the office.

For all other products, call (512) 599-9313 or email [email protected] and Jessica will arrange to have them shipped to you.

DO NOT order herbs or supplements from Amazon or other online retailers. The products sold at HPS are clinical grade and are not authorized to be sold outside of a licensed professional setting. Most products sold on Amazon and other retail sites are fake and often cost more than the genuine products.

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